Wine and Food Matching – A Dream or a Nightmare!



Wine and Food Matching – A Dream or a Nightmare!

I often get asked which wine goes with what food. It’s a big thing in our industry!

At the moment, and for some, it’s a bit of a minefield.  Wine for many people is just a drink, a glass or two after a hard day or week and nothing more. However, for an ever-growing number of our customers, it’s something special to compliment and complete their meal.

There are a few simple guidelines to start with.  If you want to play safe, you can’t go wrong with a good Muscadet for instance to accompany any fish dish.  If you’re serving steak or beef, the standard wine to choose would be a Rhone or a Malbec which are both big bold wines with a lot of body and flavour.

Things start to get tricky when it comes to curry and spicy food. Your choice will depend on what sauce you have with your favourite dish.  A korma for instance, goes well with a Portuguese vino verde and my favourite biryani matches well with a good Australian chardonnay. Madras and Vindaloo are both too hot for any wine to handle so stick to Kingfisher or Cobra for those bad boys of the curry world!

As its now BBQ season, let’s have a quick look at what I would drink while eating BBQ food.  Spare Ribs go really well with a good Provence rose like Minuty or Whispering Angel.  This is because they are mainly grenache based, so they have a good dryness and a real fruity punch to them.  Salmon Steaks pair really well with a dry New World white like an Australian or Californian chardonnay.  Pork Sausages go really well with a good cabernet sauvignon or merlot. Both of these wines are full of fruit and with enough body too keep a tribe of cannibals happy for a year!  Homemade beefburgers are one of my favourites on the BBQ and if you don’t have the time, our local Butcher Galvins are the place to go! Beefburgers pair particularly well with a full bodied and fruity Portuguese red such as a Douro with plenty of body and fruit.  For shell food/fish, as I said earlier, I wouldn’t look past a Muscadet.  It just works!

Hope this first blog gives you a taster (pardon the pun!) of matching the right wine with your food but I’m always happy to advise, so if you’re stuck just pop into the shop and ask!

Cheers Dave


Dave Whittaker

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